Santa Monica Observer DBA

File and Publish Your Fictitious Business Name or DBA


Why you need a DBA, and How We Help You Get One

  1. What is a DBA or FBN?
    The Fictitious Business Name Statement, sometimes called a DBA or an FBN, is the basic document you need to open a business bank account, or to do business in California in compliance with Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §17913 et. seq. If you're here, chances are someone (such as a bank officer) has already asked to see your DBA. DBAs are filed with the L.A. County Recorder, and then published in a newspaper of general circulation such as the Santa Monica Observer. We file and publish DBAs for you, in exchange for $136, exclusive of the notary fee (usually $10 or $15). We offer a level of personal service exceeding most other filing services.

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  2. To File & Publish Your DBA
    1. Complete the form on our home page, then click the "Submit" button. 2. A real person will read your responses, so don't overthink them! We will ask questions if necessary. Then we will set up your DBA forms and email them back, so you can notarize them. We can meet you with a notary, or you can notarize them on your own. 3. We will send you an invoice from Google Wallet. If you prefer, you may call us with any debit or credit card at (310) 452-9900. 4. On payment of $136, we will file and publish your Fictitious Business Name Statement. Our cost is $136--less than Legal zoom, and they don't even publish it for you!

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  3. If You've Already Filed Your DBA
    If you have already driven to the County Clerk, stood in line, paid the LA County filing fee and you want us to publish your file-stamped FBN/DBA to comply with the law; the cost is $50. You may fax your file-stamped FBN/DBA to us at (866) 710-6030, or email it to us at Smobserved at We will send you an invoice for payment, through Google Wallet. You can also just call us with any credit card-- we accept Visa, Mastercard or Amex. A brief disclaimer: We are a newspaper, not a law firm. We do not advise or represent clients--if you need legal advice or legal representation, you should contact a lawyer, not us.

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