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File & Publish Your DBA"
If you would like us to file and publish your Fictitious Business Name Statement or DBA, the cost is $105. Please use the PayPal form below to send us $105. Then, use the secure form below to send us your address, company name, etc.

If you have already paid the $23 filing fee and you want us to publish your FBN/DBA to comply with Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code 11414; please pay us $50 by selecting “Publish Only” above the BuyNow button. Then, fax your DBA to us at (310) 388-1235.
File & Publish your DBA
DBA Form
What is your Instrument Number?
(Example: 2008123456. If you don't have it just leave this blank).
What date did you file your DBA
(If you don't have this i.e. because you haven't filed your DBA yet, just leave this blank).
What is your name?
What is the name you want to use to do business under? Example: Main Street Plumbers
When did you start doing business under this name?
(If you haven't started yet, just say "I haven't started yet.")
What is the street address of your business?
Do you receive mail there? If yes, type “yes.” If not, at what address do you receive mail?
Are you doing business as an individual, a corporation, or an LLC? (An individual and a sole proprietor are the same thing).
What is your telephone number?
What is your e mail address?
Do you have any comments or questions? If not, type NO; this form will only work if there’s something entered in each blank box!
I Agree to your Terms and Conditions.
$250,000 Cash Prize!
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